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Welcome to the Ascension Nova Wiki!

Ascension Nova Wiki is a Wiki created for the development of the Ascension Nova project, a collaborative effort to implement the White Wolf game studios Mage: The Ascension games into White Wolf's New World of Darkness. This is a modification to the Mage: The Awakening rules set, and is meant to replace the game's Atlantean setting and backstory with with the backstory and setting of Mage: The Ascension, adapted for a framework which takes place in the New World of Darkness setting, alongside of Vampire: The Requiem, Werewolf: The Forsaken, Geist: The Sin Eaters, and the other NWOD games.

This Wiki will act as a platform for the development of new rules and rules options, as well as setting changes that will let New World of Darkness gamers engage in the epic of subjective reality and the Ascension War that was present in the OWoD Mage: The Ascension series.

UPDATE 7/25/2020

The admin has noticed upticks in traffic, and this is a good thing! It seems there is a lot of interest in the work here at Ascension Nova Wiki. Do you want to help or discuss? Email the admin team at!

We're starting work on conversions of various aspects of Mage The Awakening Second Edition and Mage The Awakening: Signs of Sorcery into the lore and setting of Mage The Ascension! This will include an Ascension Nova Chronicles of Darkness character creation template, notes of Mage Sight, and more! Make sure to bookmark our Mage The Awakening 2E Initial Notes page and keep an eye on things as we progress. Contact the admin team if you want to help out!

Massive Construction Ongoing

We're still forming this Wiki out of raw quintessence and pattern spheres. Much new content will be coming shortly!

Here's what we have so far:

Character Generation

Changes in Magic Rules

The Traditions and the Technocracy

Changing the Consensus

Definitions of Magic and Coincidence

Lesser Mages (Psychics, Thaumaturges, and Enlightened Scientists)

Cosmology and the Structure of Reality

Beyond The Horizon: Outer Space & the Inner Worlds

Technology and Magic

The Hedge, Mages, and the Paths of the Wyck

Latest activity