Sample WondersEdit

(designed using the adjusted costs for Imbued Items)

Enhanced Health ••••

This wonder consists of either a technomagical implant, a potion, or some other permanent treatment that provides the user with the benefits from the Body Mastery spell (Mysterium, p. 195-196 & Grimoire of Grimoires, p. 32-33) as a persistent enchantment. This spell causes the user to heal all wounds 8 times as rapidly, provides three automatic successes on all rolls to resist poisons and disease, and slows the character's aging so that they gain an additional 120 years of lifespan (for a total average lifespan of 200). Note: the later is a change from the published spell – in Ascension Nova Body Mastery provides the user with 40 additional years of life per dot of the Life Arcanum the caster knows.

Nanite Enhancement •••••

Used by many Tradition Technomages as well as some members of Iteration X & the Void Engineers, this treatment introduces advanced nanites into the user's body. These nanites duplicate the effect of the Enchanced Health wonder described above, while also providing the user with a persistent version of the Multi-Tasking spell (Mage: The Awakening, pp. 211-212).