A Villainous TechnocracyEdit

(By DoctorDogGirl: used with permission)

The Technocracy understands that they are Willworkers and also know that modern science is a lie. However, to them it is a useful lie, since the scientific method has proven to be an excellent way to create a robust paradigm. Almost all of the unawakened scientists working for them are dupes who believe these lies wholeheartedly. Rather than specifically recruiting Sleepwalkers to serve as assistants, the Union does its best to find ways to eliminate Sleepwalkers, since they consider the ability of anyone to see what they are doing to be a threat to both the stability of reality, and more importantly to their power. Also, although they claim to control reality, they actually do not. All they can actually say is that they control reality more than any other group, but most of the Consensus is clearly not under anyone's conscious control, and even the Union's finest researchers have been unable to find ways to do more than help guide the Sleeper's vast and chaotic collective unconscious. Since they are incapable of maintaining a firm control of the structure of reality, the Union attempts to eliminate all competition, so that they can at least have far more control of reality than anyone else.

The Technocracy EthosEdit

A. The supernatural races are to be exterminated at all costs. Vampires, Werewolves, Changelings, and all of their various kinfolk are to eventually be eliminated. They've got people working 9-5 on how to eliminate these various peoples off the planet. The Technocracy's ignorance has done some horrible things in the past like poisoning Native American tribes in the racist belief they produce werewolves more often than other peoples. In the end, Kinfolk must be removed from the gene pool completely (and so would Ghoul families if they knew they existed). However, Technocracy must also work with great care, because they don't want to clue the various supernaturals to their existence.

B. The Technocracy must have a total monopoly on mystical power. The Technocracy knows that it uses Will-Working (though it has a convoluted scientific explanation for it involving Quantum Physics) but it believes only it can be allowed to properly regulate and monitor magic. Simply put, all other mages must join the Technocracy or die. More liberal Technocrats have Mages black bagged and dragged off to secret prisons on Earth and in the Shadow Realm, to spend the rest of their lives until they decide to get with the program. Any and all means are used to make Mages join the Technocracy, up to and including kidnapping their family and framing them for crimes.

C. The Technocracy must control the flow of scientific progress. The Technocracy tries to buy up every single technologies firm that it can, hunt down any and all innovative sleepers, and uses propaganda to discredit or promote any science that doesn't fit with its time table. Alternative energies, cures to diseases, faster than light travel theories, and so on have been suppressed. The Technocracy actually suppresses education reform in some places so only those places it dominates can provide legitimate education. It also is behind the radical anti-intellectual movement of many nations because they want the masses to remain easily controlled and manipulated while only a chosen few rise above it.

They justify this by saying that the Masses will be actually easier to find paradise if they are easily controlled. The Technocratic Union wants to keep the population dumb and docile because they don't want the Technocratic paradigm to be threatened by awakened individuals who figure out the fundamentally subjective nature of reality. Even more dangerous than new Traditionalists are people who are scientists but who do not agree with the Technocracy's authoritarian aims. The right sort of research would reveal that much scientific knowledge is composed of lies and misinformation. Someone using well calibrated infrared viewers could easily see that Vampires are real. The Technocracy wishes to make certain that technology can't be allowed to peer behind the curtain as in Hunter: The Vigil, and so the Technocrats have to suppress a significant of genuine scientific inquiry.

D. The Technocracy must have as much influence as possible. To make it so that the world will respond to their aims and prevent nuclear Armageddon or more, the Technocracy attempts to gain complete worldwide financial and political influence. They do this through blackmail, murder, corruption, and also jury rigging the system so corporations as well as lobbies they dominate have disproportionate power. Because the Union is primarily based in Western First World Nations, they also attempt to actively suppress Third World Nations from bettering themselves economically to maintain a British Empire-esque monopoly on the world.

E. The Technocracy can trust no one: Individual members have Stazi-esque files of everything they've ever done and are monitored constantly as well as being fed a daily dose of propaganda. Many of the Technocracy's footsoldiers are mercenaries and people who have been pretty much fully indoctrinated into the Technocracy viewpoint. They are there to watch fellow Technocrats as much as they are to fight Traditionalists. There's a La Femme Nikita-esque sense of paranoia fostered with internal executions and department "re-organizations" meant to make sure that no one even thinks of ever leaving. This helps immunize people to the sympathy and instead desire just to keep their head down.