Sons of EtherEdit

The Sons of Ether are an especially diverse Tradition, incorporating members ranging from eccentrics who cling to outmoded and in many cases completely unworkable models of reality, as well as working scientists and engineers whose theories and projects fall outside of either the Technocratic Union's goals or the vision of reality accepted by most Sleepers. Most members of the Technocratic Union who leave it to join the Traditions join the Sons of Ether.

While working with theories that are outside of the Consensus is one of the hallmarks of the Sons of Ether, some of the members who are working with ideas that aren't too far from the Consensus occasionally make some of their ideas part of the Consensus. Two of the most well known recent additions are the inclusion of the Flores "hobbit" into the accepted theory of human evolution, and the acceptance of dark energy by Sleeper astrophysicists, which is part of an ongoing effort to create Consensual antigravity, and possibly even Consensual superluminal travel. For further information on the use to technology and magic, see Technology & Magic.


Sons of Ether may purchase "Item Arcana", these Arcana can only be used for creating Imbued Items and cannot be used to cast spells of any sort. The cost of these Arcana is half (round up) the cost of normal Arcana. Sons of Ether who use these Arcana to create items automatically gain a +2 bonus to the roll to create these items, as well as a +2 bonus to any rolls involved in using these items. Also, even Sons of Ether who have Item Arcana in the prerequisites can learn Legacies normally.